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At Starbrite Consulting, Don Darrah has the hands-on experience and expertise to teach your organization how to maintain effective, long-term management systems. These customized training programs will be constructed in the best way to match the needs of your business, and they will be conducted at your location. Call today to learn more about Don's environmental management systems training.

Testimonial About Course, 2011

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Positive Testimonial From ISO Lead Auditor Course, 2011
Don Darrah

About Don

Since 1998, Don Darrah of Starbrite has the knowledge necessary to assist you. Don's goal is to equip your management staff, auditors, and production/service associates with the knowledge that empowers improved performance and company profits. To that end, he designed his interactive and hands-on teaching methods to enhance the learning experience. Likewise, his case studies and mock audits will help students retain valuable information that will help them succeed in their own job roles. This setup is designed to promote class discussion, helping you learn from each other's experiences.

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